Water Damage


Following a weekend cold snap, two frozen pipes broke and flooded two floors of this facility. Eight inches of water were pumped out of the

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Papa John’s

Lots of rain in a short period of time. Roof drains were clogged. Roof filled up with over a foot of water in some areas.

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Rockhurst Forest

KC Flooded. Sewer back up into (2) 4 plex’s each containing (8) individual units (16) units in all. Some water was 2’ high. We were

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Zimmer Mark Twain

Freezing weather outside. Open window left on the 19th floor of an Architect’s office causing a pipe to freeze and break raining water all the

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Goodwill Project

This loss was received from the property manager on a Sunday evening and Zipco had four employees on site within an hour of the original

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