Goodwill Project

Project Details

This loss was received from the property manager on a Sunday evening and Zipco had four employees on site within an hour of the original phone call to start the mitigation process. The tenant is located in a 42,000sf section of a large commercial building and suffered a small fire resulting in the engagement of their fire suppression system. When we arrived, water was pouring into the sales floor and back offices causing damage to ceilings, walls and floors throughout their space. We had over 80 pieces of equipment on site throughout the mitigation process. One of the challenges was that the business wanted to remain open throughout the mitigation and reconstruction processes. In order to accommodate this request, we set a containment perimeter to limit debris from demolition while the business remained open. Likewise, when the ceiling grid was cleaned, it was scheduled overnight on successive nights where the sales floor had to be emptied and put back for normal business hours each day. The job took just shy of two months to complete.

Zipco is celebrating 20 years in business! You will see this special celebratory logo on our emails, our website, and our social media accounts. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope we can continue to provide contracting and restoration contracting services for another 20 years in Kansas City, Springfield, and any additional new locations.