One of the many things that sets Zipco apart is our contents cleaning department. The Restoration Pro is a revolutionary assembly-line cleaning process that significantly increases the productivity of any contents restoration professional. Using precision ultrasonic technology, the Restoration Pro System improves quality, reduces small content cash out and provides processing speeds of up to 25 boxes of content per hour: much faster than industry standards.

Items suitable for ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Commercial / Business Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Residential Contents
  • Small Appliances
  • Guns
  • Auto Parts
  • Jewelry
  • Complex Assemblies

Items are cleaned in six simple stages (electronics cleaned in two)!

Upholstery Cleaning:

Our upholstery cleaning technicians know exactly how to restore the furniture in your home after fire, smoke or water damage.  Each member of our team is certified by the IICRC to treat your possessions delicately and with the respect your items deserve.  Every technician has been expertly trained and can determine if your items can be brought back to a pre-loss condition rather than replaced.  Further, our technicians are experts at selecting the correct cleaning system for specific fabric type and unique soil conditions, ensuring the most effective and efficient clean.  Rest easy, knowing at all times that your personal possessions are in our capable hands.

Hand Cleaned Items:

Our restoration professionals use environmentally friendly products for all cleaning and restoration processes of your items.  Before actually cleaning an item, a professional will perform testing to determine the appropriate product and mix ratio to use in order to properly clean an item.


Odor issues are one of the by-products of fire, smoke or soot damage.  The first step in eliminating odors is to remove the source in or on the affected item.  Most of the time, a restoration professional will be able eliminate odor issues.  However, depending on the odor source and the type of content item, there may still be a small odor present.  In these instances, an additional step may be added to the contents restoration process such as ozone or hydroxyl deodorization.  This process will eliminate odors nearly 100 percent of the time.

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