Zimmer Mark Twain

Project Details

Freezing weather outside. Open window left on the 19th floor of an Architect’s office causing a pipe to freeze and break raining water all the way down to the 3rd floor. We were called out after hours to extract and set initial drying equipment on all 17 affected floors. Demo and dry-out resumed the following day. Some floors were occupied and some were not. We negotiated construction costs with the insurance adjuster while mitigation was in progress. Upon completion of mitigation we went straight into repairs in the occupied spaces. Fortunately, everyone was able to remain in business as most of the damage in the occupied spaces was cosmetic and we did a lot of the repairs after hours. Architects office was greatest difficulty due to the amount of open cubicle area that required floor replacement. There was a long lead time for matching the existing flooring. Temporary floor protection was installed to maintain a convenient working space for their employees until we could install new flooring. Other than that, just the communication and coordination with all the different tenants was a full time job. The property manager was great do work with and helped out a great deal with communication. The entire job was completed in approximately 3 months.

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