Rockhurst Forest

Project Details

KC Flooded. Sewer back up into (2) 4 plex’s each containing (8) individual units (16) units in all. Some water was 2’ high. We were called out after hours to pump out and extract water. The next day we met with Rockhurst to discuss scope of work and time frame of all remediation and repairs. We gave them a 6 week turnaround for having the students back in their units. It took a week to remove, clean, inventory and dispose the students personal belongings from each unit. It took a week to demo and a week to clean all units. It took 3 weeks to re-install insulation and drywall, install trim, doors, shower units, vanities, sinks, faucets and flooring, paint and clean up. We met the deadline and had the students back in their units within 6 weeks of the date of loss. The biggest difficulty was the extensive cleaning that was required by the University. They hired an indoor environmental professional to test and certify that the structure was cleaned correctly. This took heavy scrubbing and very thorough cleaning. We passed every single test on the first attempt. The Rockhurst team was very organized and great to work with.

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