Papa John’s

Project Details

Lots of rain in a short period of time. Roof drains were clogged. Roof filled up with over a foot of water in some areas. Papa John’s employees noticed ceiling tiles caving in and some water leaking from suspended ceiling. They called us. We recommended they vacate the building. Upon showing up within the hour, we unclogged all 4 roof drains which relieved the water from the rooftop. It took almost half an hour to fully drain. A load bearing structural beam had split due to the weight of the roof load and pushed through the suspended ceiling. The roof leak was from the height of the water exceeding a roof vent on the ceiling. We temporarily shored up the existing beam until the new beam could be Engineered and delivered. A portion of the roof canopy was bent and had to be re-welded. A new structural beam was added in place of the collapsed beam. Removed and replaced a large portion of the suspended ceiling and insulation. We had them back up and running business in less than 2 weeks from the date of loss.

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