Vernon On Washington

Project Details

Vernon on Washington was a ground up, 3 story, 18 unit apartment building constructed in the heart of Kansas City, on 4 old vacant lots. The owner, a long time client of Zipco, approached us not with an opportunity to bid, but rather a statement. The statement was, “We are going to do this project and Zipco is going to build it for us.” We did however assist with budgeting and selections to ensure the project could be completed within the budget they had in mind, and in the end the project would total just under $2.9 Million. Though the project was completed in 12 Months and on budget, it was not however without its challenges. As we all know, the sewer infrastructure in Kansas City is very delicate due to its age, therefore careful consideration for storm water runoff had to be made. Space for a retention pond was out of the question as the size of the structure was maximized for ROI, thus leaving little room remaining for anything other than parking. Therefore, the only solution was the installation of an underground retention system for storm-water runoff and it had to be installed under the parking areas. Although the lots were free of existing structures we uncovered the foundations that used to support the homes that stood on the site. As such they had to be removed and excavated below. Doing so provided an additional challenge, being the site had to be able to bare the load of the structure above we added 120 yards of flow-able fill to stabilize site for foundation. Providing water to the building also had its challenges with the fact that the only water main to tie into was a 24” main line that feed the south end of the city. We couldn’t tap it in the conventional way because it was too large so it had to be shut down in the middle of a week night and a 24” tee had to be cut in. The architects and designers incorporated many unique features into each apartments such as “smart” technology throughout (which is new to the apartment industry), granite tops throughout including waterfall granite on each island to the floor and many high end tile and flooring features.

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