Residential Fire Reconstruction

Project Details

Project Amt – $550k
Challenges to repairs or mitigation – Due to the building additions and covid, it took a couple months to get approval from the city to obtain building permit. Uniqueness of the job – structural damage to main beam in garage. Tore out garage floor and reconstructed 25% of structure. Entire home was taken down to studs. All remaining structure was media blasted and sealed.

Length of time to complete the job – 12 months
This residential fire restoration project was a non-emergency project that offered some unique challenges and some spectacular customer requested upgrades and additions. The fire caused structural damage to the main beam in the garage, and we had to tear out the garage floor and reconstruct about 25% of the structure. The entire home was taken down to the stud walls and all remaining structure was media blasted and sealed. We built and 2 story addition to the existing home and kitchen layout. The addition included an office, master bedroom, sitting room and screened outdoor patio off the 2nd floor bathroom. We also added an outdoor covered patio with a full kitchen. Due to the building additions and city government shortages, it took a couple of months to get approval and building permits and the entire project took nearly a year to complete as a result. The finished work was worth the wait!

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