Louisburg Fire Damage Restoration

Project Details

This fire restoration project originated from a fire in the wood burning fireplace on top floor of this large two-story, rural single-family home and spread to most of the structure, including the basement. The damage was extensive throughout, requiring full demolition down to the stud walls in the basement and main floor and complete reframing of the top floor. We worked closely with the claims adjuster to quickly agree on the scope of repairs and the cost of repairs. Repairs included granite, custom cabinets and hardwood floors throughout. We performed some additional work for the homeowner, incorporating a change to the footprint and adding multiple bathrooms, additional bedrooms and a theatre room. In addition to the building repairs, we packed out, cleaned and stored all the homeowner’s belongings during the nearly 1-year repair process. Our challenges to overcome in order to timely complete this project consisted of the project’s rural location, weather and the homeowner’s selection of finishes. The photographs here show the damages during our initial assessment and the backside of this sheet show the beautiful transformation into what is essentially a new home.