Fire Damage Restoration

Project Details

In the summer of 2017, after a big apartment sparked fires in multiple single-family dwellings in an adjacent neighborhood, Zipco Restoration mitigated and reconstructed three duplexes in the same neighborhood. We worked extensively with the insurance carrier adjusters on the scope of repairs to initiate repairs as soon as possible. All owners were displaced from their homes so the timing of repairs was very important to both the insurance carrier and the homeowner. We were able to save, clean and store a great number of personal belonging of each of the homeowners during the buildings repairs. Due to the close proximity of the buildings, we were able to save some costs of repairs by shared project management and supervision, quantity materials discounts and the unique scheduling of each trade during the repair process. Overall, the projects totaled just north of $1 million dollars and were completed with the homeowners moving back in to their homes by the end of the year.

Zipco is celebrating 20 years in business! You will see this special celebratory logo on our emails, our website, and our social media accounts. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope we can continue to provide contracting and restoration contracting services for another 20 years in Kansas City, Springfield, and any additional new locations.