Project Highlights - Two Missouri Schools

We wanted to highlight two school projects we have been working on this spring, one due to river flooding, the other due to fire.

Craig Flooding: We were asked to head north to Craig, Missouri after the Missouri River floodwaters receded enough to give us access to the school building. The building had close to foot of water inside, leaving behind dirty water residue throughout. Over the course of three days at the end of March, we pumped close to 300,000 gallons of water out of the building, including the crawl space under the gym floor. We dried the building and staged cleaned desks, chairs, cabinets and supplies in the gymnasium and began reconstruction near the end of April with plans to complete the entire process before school returns in August. Reconstruction mostly consists of flooring, plaster, drywall and paint. The entire project, location, size and scope is quite the undertaking, but worth it in order to help the district, employees and students get back to normal for the upcoming school year.

Orrick Fire: We were called by a roofing contractor after a fire broke out at Orrick HS during tornado repairs. There was a lot of smoke and water damage to the building and large part of the roof structure was damaged beyond repair. The interesting part of the repair process is highlighted by the photos which show a crane that was used not only to remove large sections of the roof covering, deck and truss system but setting in place the replacement sections that we were put together on the ground first before being lowered onto the building. This project is still being completed with the expectation of it being finished by the start of the new school year.

Customer Appreciation Shoot

On May 9, Zipco hosted a trapshoot afternoon for our customers at Powder Creek Range in Lenexa KS. The turnout was great and the weather even cooperated. Afterwards, food, beverages and awards to the winners and a lot of laughs for all.
Save September 16th on your calendar for our annual golf tournament. We added the shooting event two years ago and decided to separate the two events this year.

Ants - A Summer Problem

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View From The Observation Deck

Why Is This Dog In The Column Photo?

Meet Quigley. He is our 3-year-old Goldendoodle. His mama was a poodle and his pops was a Goldendoodle. His birthday is May 29 and we brought him home at 9 weeks, the same week I came to Zipco. Bonus points if you know how we got his name.

Dogs are cool. They just want to hang with you and do everything that you do. Quigs is no different. He loves whatever we are eating for dinner and you know it is hard to resist that begging face. Going to sleep at night, he has moved from the kennel to the living room couch and without question he would sleep in our room on the bed if we let him. He loves snow. He loves barking at faraway, unthreatening walkers, bicyclists, vehicles, tractors and mowers. Hey, but at least we have been alerted to the non-threat. He seems to like women more than men especially around my wife. I can get down with that. He is super-fast and can change directions on a dime…. it’s a good workout for me.

The quirkiest thing about him is that he has gone through about 5 Scooby Doo slippers in 3 years, you know the slippers with Scooby’s head on top. It is known as his Scooby. He sleeps with it, uses it as a pacifier and doesn’t usually tear it up like the other toys. The weirdest thing is when he plays with his K-State purple ball in the house, he ALWAYS has to have that Scooby slipper in his mouth while pawing the ball around the floor. It is the goofiest thing to watch because he can barely see the ball with Scooby in his mouth and his fluffy face. But he has gotten to be pretty good knocking that ball around with his paws.

It had been about a dozen years since we had a dog when we got Quigley and now, I can’t imagine not having him around. Oh, and if you guessed the movie Quigley Down Under as the source of his name, you are correct….my wife is a huge Tom Selleck fan.

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