Recent Project Highlights

Freezing weather outside. Open window left on the 19th floor of an Architect’s office causing a pipe to freeze and break raining water all the way down to the 3rd floor. We were called out after hours to extract and set initial drying equipment on all 17 affected floors… Read More

Community Outreach

We are always trying to give back to our local communities. With this in mind, Zipco participated in multiple events during the spring, supporting various charitable organizations through out the Kansas City metro area.

We sponsored and played in the Trent Green Golf Classic held at Shoal Creek Country Club benefiting Ronald McDonald House. Great event that raised tens of thousands of dollars.

Trent Green Golf Classic

We sponsored and played in the second annual Arvest Bank Putt Putt tournament held at the bank’s Shawnee Mission Parkway corporate office and benefiting Harvesters International. Arvest and it’s partners raised thousands of dollars for a terrific cause.


Zipco was a table sponsor at the KVC Hero’s Luncheon benefiting the KVC Health System and their mission. There were hundreds of generous attendees at this luncheon held at the Overland Park Convention Center.

KVC Hero Luncheon

Team Building

Recently, our team spent an afternoon at the Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City to discuss 2018 objectives and year to date results, and a then have a little fun playing pickleball. I am sure all would say we had way more fun playing a two person team pickleball tournament than discussing business. If you have never visited this place, you must!!

Industry News

Improving the Business Restoration Process After a Disaster

– Risk Management Magazine Article by Stacy Mazur

Companies routinely go to great lengths to increase productivity and efficiency in pursuit of cost savings, higher profits and other important business goals. Yet many organizations still fail to plan and prepare properly ahead of disasters, to reduce their liabilities.

Without a good plan and the right partners, recovery from a disaster can take months longer than expected…

Read More

View From The Observation Deck

Balance in Everything. Nothing in Excess.

“Must have balance Daniel San”. This is one of Mr. Miyagi’s life lessons to Daniel in the iconic 80’s movie “The Karate Kid”. He tells Daniel that he better learn balance, that “Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?” Sounds corny, but there is so much truth to this concept.

We talk about work-life balance. We talk about a balanced diet. Put another way, nothing in excess. Essentially, it is okay to partake in just about anything, just not in excess. Take a peek at social media from time to time…just not all the time. It is okay to drink a beer….just not too many. It is okay to eat chocolate…just not too much. Instead of binge watching a show….grab a book. It is okay to grab a burger…but maybe skip the fries. Those of us with kids, it is okay for them to play video games….just not all day long during the summer. Get the idea?

If you are feeling funky or tired or need a change, consider some of these things or other ideas that come to mind and perhaps you can restore some balance in your life. “Balance good. Everything good.” Maybe Mr. Miyagi was onto something.