Recent Project Highlights

This fire restoration and reconstruction project was a 6-month project including content restoration. The fire started due to a lightning strike. The inside of the home was nearly completely demolished down to the stud walls after mitigation. We worked closely with the adjuster to agree… Read More

Community Outreach

Zipco was happy to sponsor and volunteer at the 2nd annual Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/Jewell5K on March 3 in Liberty. We had some employees manning the first water station on a chilly Saturday morning. There were over 1,000 5K participants and over 750 half-marathon runners on what was a successful event benefiting the community LiveWell Grants through the Liberty Hospital Foundation. Since 2015, the Foundation has partnered with local non-profit agencies to improve health outcomes for the residents of the Liberty Hospital community.

Industry News

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Spring Cleanup List Begins with HVAC

Spring cleaning is a tradition, but there are some other chores that should be part of your springtime routine, too. Most of them take only a… Read More

View From The Observation Deck

Spring. Renewal. Swallows. Easter. Baseball. Promise. Hope.

Spring is a time for renewal. Winter is an ugly memory. Look around. Birds return from the south. Lawns stop being brown and turn green. Trees and plants start sprouting leaves and flowers. Garages get cleaned out. Neighbors get out of the house and visit after staying inside during the cold winter months. Easter brings faith. Baseball starts its long season with a fresh start for every team, forgetting last season with promise and hope for the new season.

We have purple martins (swallows) return to the same bird house in our back yard every year. Purple martin moms and dads have hope for their new babies. And by the way, if you have never watched purple martins communicate and fly around their little neighborhood, you are missing quite a treat. Promise and hope. A green lawn, trees and garden can mean promise of surrounding beauty and food for humans and animals alike and people get out and refresh their garages and engage in conversation with neighbors that does not take place in the dead of winter. Promise and hope. The Easter season in the Christian faith is about renewal, forgetting your past with the promise and hope for the future. After spring training ends and the baseball season gets underway, every team has the same chance to win the World Series. Expectations are high for every fan as last season is forgotten. Promise and hope.

Know your past, learn from it, let it go and make your future. This spring, find YOUR promise. This spring, find YOUR hope.